Financial Obligations for Your EGD


The charge for an EGD may range from $725.00 to $1800.00, depending on the complexity of the procedure, completed dilatation, and any polyp removal or biopsies taken. A sedation charge of $200.00 may apply to some cases. These are the doctor’s charges only. Hospital and/or facility fees will be charged separately.

You will be responsible for any deductibles, copays, and coinsurance amounts not covered by your insurance policy. These will be calculated based on the minimum fee, and any remaining balance after the procedure will be billed accordingly. For your convenience, you may make payment with a credit card by phone, check, money order, or cash. Payments may be brought to the office or mailed to 157 Clinic Ave., Suite 201, Carrollton, GA 30117. Please remit your portion in full at least 72 hours before your scheduled procedure date to avoid cancellation.

You will be contacted by a billing representative regarding this matter, or you may call the office at (770) 214-2800 to inquire about the amount due.

Procedures that are cancelled without 24 hours notice, rescheduled more than once, or are “no-shows” will result in a $75 charge that will not be billed to your insurance company.